Obligations of the Parties
The importance of this Convention is the protection bestowed to sea turtles in the habitats where the different stages of their lives transpire. Included in the measures mandated by the text per se of the Convention, we have the following:
  • The capture, retention or incidental capture of sea turtles is forbidden, as well as domestic commerce with their eggs, parts or products.
  • The compliance of that established by the CITES Convention in regard to international trade of sea turtles, their eggs, parts or products (like hawksbill shell).
  • The restriction of human activities that may adversely affect sea turtles during their reproduction, incubation and migration stages.
  • Their protection and conservation, habitat restoration and those sites established and designated as protected areas, as pertinent.
  • To support research directed to experimental reproduction, breeding and re-introduction.
  • The promotion of environmental education and the dissemination of information, with the objective to foster the participation of governmental institutions, NGOs and the public at large.
  • The reduction to the possible minimum of capturing, wounding or incidental capturing of sea turtles during fishing activities, as well as the development, improvement and utilization of fishing gear, devices and appropriate techniques, including the Turtle Excluder Devices (known as TEDs).
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