Approved resolutions of the COPs
citCIT-COP10-2021-R1: Extension of the Secretariat (.pdf)
citCIT-COP10-2021-R2: Finances 2022-2024 (.pdf)

citCIT-COP9-2019-R1: Revised Financial Guidelines (.pdf)
citCIT-COP9-2019-R2: Conservation of North West Atlantic Leatherback Turtle (.pdf)
citCIT-COP9-2019-R3: Finances 2019-2021 (.pdf)
citCIT-COP9-2019-R4: Data Access Procedure (.pdf)

citCIT-COP8-2017-R1: Extension of the Secretariat Pro Tempore (.pdf)
citCIT-COP8-2017-R2: Conservation of the Hawksbill Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) (.pdf)
citCIT-COP8-2017-R3: Finances 2017-2019 (.pdf)

Inter-Sesion COP7IAC
citCIT-COP-Inter-sesion-2015-R1: Establisment of the Permanent Secretariat (.pdf)

citCIT-COP7-2015-R.1: Exceptions for subsistence harvesting of Lepidochelys olivacea eggs in Costa Rica (.pdf)
citCIT-COP7-2015-R.2: Conservation of the Eastern Pacific Leatherback Turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) (.pdf)
citCIT-COP7-2015-R.3: Conservation of Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta caretta) (.pdf)
citCIT-COP7-2015-R.4: IAC Finances 2015 -2017 (.pdf)

Inter-Sesion COP6IAC
citCIT-COP-Inter-sesion-2014-R1: Extension of the Secretariat Pro Tempore (.pdf)


citCIT-COP6-2013-R1: Exceptions for Subsistance Harvesting of L. olivacea Eggs in Guatemala and Panama (.pdf)
citCIT-COP6-2013-R2: IAC Finances 2013-2015 (.pdf)
citCIT-COP6-2013-R3: Establishment and Operation of a Permanent Secretariat (.pdf)

citCIT-COP5-2011-R1: TORs for the IAC Subsidiary Bodies (.pdf)
citCIT-COP5-2011-R2: Procedures for Cases Where Exceptions Exist (.pdf)
citCIT-COP5-2011-R3: Establishment of a Permanent Secretariat (.pdf)
citCIT-COP5-2011-R4: Extension of the Pro Tempore (.pdf)
citCIT-COP5-2011-R5: Finances 2011-2013 (.pdf)
citCIT-COP5-2011-R6: Establishment of an IAC Delegate Travel Support (.pdf)
citCIT-COP5-2011-R7: Promote sustainable fishing in international waters, especially for the protection of sea (.pdf)
citCIT-COP1-2003-R4-Rev.1: Rules of Procedures for Meetings of the Parties to the IAC (.pdf)

citCIT-COP4-2009-R1: Naming of the Pro Tempore Secretary in Exceptional Circumstances (.pdf)
citCIT-COP4-2009-R2: Working Group on the Legal Framework of the Convention and Permanent Secretariat (.pdf)
citCIT-COP4-2009-R3: 2009-2011 Finances (.pdf)
citCIT-COP4-2009-R4: United States Proposal for Hosting the Pro Tempore Secretariat (.pdf)
citCIT-COP4-2009-R5: Adaptation of sea turtle habitats to climate change (.pdf)
citCIT-COP4-2009-R6: Memorandum of Cooperation between the IAC and CPPS (.pdf)

citCIT-COPE1-2007-R1: Establishment and Operation of a Permanent Secretariat (.pdf)
citCIT-COPE1-2007-R2: Guidelines for Financing the Operation of the IAC (.pdf)

citCOP3/2006/R-1: Conservation of the Hawksbill Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricada) (.pdf)
citCOP3/2006/R-2: Reduction of the Adverse Impacts of Fisheries (.pdf)
citCOP3/2006/R-3: Consideration of a Permanent Secretariat of the IAC (.pdf)
citCOP3/2006/R-4: Complementing the TOR of the Consultative Committee (.pdf)
citCOP3/2006/R-5: Working Group on Financial Aspects (.pdf)
citCOP3/2006/R-6: Memorandum of Cooperation between the IAC and the SPAW Protocol (.pdf)
citCOP3/2006/R-7: Memorandum of Cooperation between the IAC and OSPESCA (.pdf)
citCOP3/2006/R-8: Working Group on a Permanent Secretariat (.pdf)

citCOP2/2004/R-1: Conservation of Leatherback Turtles (Dermochelys coriacea) (.pdf)

citCOP1/2002/R-1: Establishment of the Pro Tempore Secretariat (.pdf)
citCOP1/2002/R-2: Operation of the IAC Special Fund (.pdf)
citCOP1/2003/R-3: Cooperation and Synergy between the IAC and CITES (.pdf)
citCOP1/2003/R-4: Rev.1: Rules of Procedure for COPs (.pdf)
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